May, 2019
10.450 ден


For 12 years now ,we have successfully built the NLP story in Macedonia.

Accredited  NLP programs according to the most renowned World NLP Association ABNLP.

Spring months are wonderful to see yourself  from a wider perception, make changes, and shine in full shine.

System NLP is a unique model of personal development and as such is unique in the Balkans!

In the background of behavior, acting, motivation, decision-making, as well as all other daily personal and professional processes, all the dynamics of the family systems we come from are intertwined.

The discovery, understanding and resolution of unconscious patterns, i.e. dynamics in any type of systemic relationship can create a significant change in perception, behavior, and action.

Why does the NLP Starter bring change?

During the Starter, you discover where you are right now and what is it that you want to achieve?

To reach the goal you need to be conscious and aware of the way you interact with yourself and how it is reflected in your surroundings.

It starts from how we react to what is happening in the surroundings and what actions we take.

Man works in four fields:

Mental field,  physical field, field of energy and field of the soul.

All four fields affect one another and complement each other. The skill is to know how to identify which field you need to act in order to create harmony in all other fields.

Why is it important to expand our perception by which we observe ourselves and the world around us and look at a wider, systemic perspective?

With the completion of NLP the Starter , you will meet your family dynamics and how they affect your everyday life.

It will allow you to strengthen your mental immunity and thus create a balance in the field of the body, energy and emotions. You will be able to discover whether you belong to the team in which you work, whether you are identifying with the goals and mission of the organization, whether you belong in its very setup and what is the connection of your family system with your behavior.

Neurolinguistic  programming is a science for the behavior that will allow you to:

Find out what you really want to accomplish?

– How do you get to that?

– What will it mean to you if you achieve it?

– What’s leading you forward?

– What motivates you?

– How can you be successful in life and thereby be motivating yourself and others?

Your NLP journey will start on May 8th and 9th ,  from 10 am to 4 pm

Your investment for NLP Starter is 10,450MKD.

* 18% VAT is added for companies.

How much are you willing to invest in yourself?

/Is money and time an excuse that distance you from what you want to do?

/ Neurolinguistic programming is a program of positive change, designed for the transformation of the personal and professional field.

Your coach:

Marina Anchevska, internationally accredited NLP coach, business and lifestyle coach, motivator, inspirer, yoga teacher, holistic therapist.

Course Content

Total learning: 5 lessons Time: 2 days




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