Executive Coaching and Leadership program in Skopje 31 Oct , 1-2-3 Nov with Gerard O’Donovan

Oct, 2019
49.100 ден

We would like to invite you to join us on these coaching days tailored for leaders or individuals who are interested in personal development, coaching and executive coaching , which have already transformed the lives of hundreds of people.

We will be organizing three different events:

Introduction to coaching event on the 31st of October 2019.

This day is regarded by many as the most jam-packed informative day you will ever attend with regards to learning about being a life coach or corporate coach, and it is a fully accredited and certificated training experience.
Learn the basic fundamentals of coaching, how to apply them in your daily life and more.
Who is it for? Everyone who is interested to learn basics in Coaching and would be able to apply them right away.

Executive Coaching and Leadership Program – 1st and 2nd of November 2019.

Executive Coaching and Leadership training is ideal for managers who wish to take their leadership skills to the Next Level. Leaders will learn how to add coaching skills, techniques, and model their professional set of skills.
Understand the basics of personal and executive coaching and to learn coaching skills that can be directly applied in the workplace. Learn techniques on how to develop your inspiring leadership and understand the role that accreditation and standards play within the coaching world.

Coaching Masterclass – 3rd of October 2019.

These supervised coaching masterclasses provide a group learning environment, which allows participants to develop executive master coaching and team master coaching skills at an individual pace. It is perfect for all professionals in the personal, executive, and team coaching arenas, as well as those engaged in individual coaching. Also, you will enjoy the additional side benefit of personal coaching on any subject that concerns you.

Why not combine 2 or 3 events together and get the special coaching boost at a very special discounted price.

Who will you meet?

Chairman M Sc N.E.B.S.S. FCLC
The founder and an award-winning C.E.O of the Noble Manhattan Group.

Gerard is one of Europe’s leading Life Coaches and the Principal and Founder of Noble Manhattan Coaching.
He is one of the most inspiring coaches and leaders, who comes to share his knowledge and wisdom with us.
He has an extraordinary personality and amazing energy.

Accredited Master Coach (IAPC&M)

Katrin is among the first Accredited Master Coaches in Eastern Europe, with over 3000+ hours of experience with individual clients. At the same time, her passion and professionalism have contributed tremendously to the development of the coaching industry as a whole in the Balkans region and beyond.

How will you know if coaching is for you?

Life Coaching is suited to people from all walks of life, regardless of your previous knowledge or experience of the subject. Whether you are a complete novice or experienced in a related profession – our course provides you with all the information and skills needed to equip you as a professional Life Coach. We also trained people as a fully qualified corporate coach. You will also find out about this incredible program and get to meet some of the delivery team. Provided that you have the desire and drive to do so, you can train to be a successful coach, and what is more, most of the training can be done from the convenience of your own home at times that suit you.

Ask yourself the following questions, and if the answers are YES, then coaching is for you!

Do you like people?
Are you a good listener?
Do you feel that you have the sensitivity and ability to build a good rapport with people?
Do you feel capable of encouraging others?
Would you feel a sense of reward, pride, and pleasure in being part of another person’s success?
Do you want to learn and grow?
Do you want to make a positive difference in people’s lives?
Do you want to achieve financial independence?
Do you want to grow emotionally and spiritually as a person?
Do you want to fulfill your destiny?

Come to this special event and find out how YOU can build a new and rewarding career as a Professional Coach.

Learn more about the events here:

The prices for the event are as follows :

Introduction to coaching 99

Executive Coaching and Leadership 449

Coaching Masterclass 249 € 

You can combine any event as a package and get additional discount, or if you are a group of 3 or more people we have a special discount for you.

To apply and reserve your spot please contact us:

Limba Veselinovikj
President of the Coaching Support Group, Skopje

Course Content

Time: 4 days

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